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About DA KAT

Da Kat is a security company based in Tunisia. It embodies its experience and dynamism in knowledge and mastery of security tools. Da Kat has chosen to work on innovative security operational techniques. It provides a high service quality on the bases of advanced technologies. Inspired by techniques used by police forces, we know how to impose ourselves by our method, and this with the respect of regulatory framework of the field.

Our services

Our Interventions

We have already achieved many missions in the:
• Surveillance of specific places
this missions requires great secrecy as well as the use of specific techniques and means: building sites, private property, embassies …
we assure security in different fields, such as car parks, warehouses, hotels, touristic sites…
• Surveillance and security of festive places
we guarantee surveillance in concert halls, night clubs, restaurants …
Accompanying authorities and V.I.Ps
this kind of service consists on guarantee a very close and a lifeguard security
Study and analysis of the security system
our agents use security computers 24/24 and 7/7. They are ready to intervene when an alarm goes on or in case of suspicious facts
Survey and Investigations
Our security means are used to provide our customers with a detailed and complete report after investigations about the subject of foreign high order forces

Our products

We offer many products including tracking: it is a global satellite tracking that we provide it in the form of different packages and this, according to your needs
  • Vehicle tracker
    This type of tracker is usually used to equip different means of transport such as motorcycles, cars, vans, trucks and boats.
  • Security cameras
    The surveillance video is a configured system of cameras to on a public or private space to monitor it. This system is subject to acceptance of services.
  • Alarms
    They are usually suitable to secured areas and systematically trigger in case of suspicious intrusion.

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